*I require at least one of the screening methods...

  • An ACTIVE caf, perb, terb, or merb handle with a GOOD reputation. Unfortunately, I don't consider an account that provides no or very little useful contribution to the site, but asks a lot of questions, "active". 

  • A 50% deposit via the internet. I can also arrange for you to drop the deposit off at Elite Retreat if it makes you feel more comfortable.

  • If you cannot provide any of this you are more then welcome to see me at Elite Retreat first. Please call the studio to book.

* In your introduction please include:

  • ​Your name

  • One of the screening methods

  • Date, time, and length of your desired date 

  • What city you are in

  • Where you found me 


*I recently changed my phone number. *

If you have already spent time with me and would like to continue spending time with me, please send a quick email with your name and phone number and I will send you the new number, either via email or text which ever works for you.

If you are a new client you must book through the form below and you will receive my number slightly before our date. 

I apologize for any inconvenience and I appreciate everyones understanding at this time.

I may not respond if ALL the fields are not filled out! 

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